Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our ALMOST finished kitchen

This is the look that Natalie was going for. It turned out really well. Our new kitchen and so far it's only cost around $85 and 35 hours of work.
The overall look....there's still a lot to be done, but for right now, we're just happy it's made it this far.

We put all our random candels on this candleholder, I love the way it turned out. We've since burned them all and made them look quite a bit more rustic.

The plants we bought. Under this cabinet I'm either adding legs or corbels.

Again, this is the overall look of the cabinets. We should have cleaned off our lovely fridge and countertop. Oh well. (:


  1. Hi Jesse and Natalie,

    Thanks so much for mention of the store! We have a new shipment of furniture and decor and we would like to offer you and your decorating bloggers an extra 10% off by mentioning your name.

    It's all looking great!

    Sherri Steck
    Lone Wolf Furnighings
    4076 Riverdale Utah