Thursday, February 12, 2009

Natalie's neverending ideas....

So obviously we're not done with the kitchen. Everyday I spend way too much time looking for ideas to make it exaclty how I want it. All in time. I thought I'd share with you all the ideas I have so far. (:

The newest addition to our "brand new" cabinets. These pulls (:

I bought this picture yesterday for under $40, it's huge and gorgeous.

This picture I'm buying today, they'll go side by side on the wall above my kitchen table with an iron scroll we bought weeks ago above them.

The vase on top of their TV is the exact vase I have. I love the red. It's going on my new table that is currently being made.

I really like the way this chandeilier looks. This is similar to something we'll end up getting

I made a clock like this with my mom months ago. It says, "There's always time for family" and "Howell" on it. Also the numbers are roman numerals which i like better.

I bought this cookbook on Ebay. I completely fell in love with it. It's going above the cabinets with a pretty bow around it.

Ideas for corbes that will make their home underneath the countertop and my lone cabinet.

The type of drapes I'll (okay, okay, my mom will do most of the work) be making, probably in a light blue or cream color. With an awesome fringe. and no bows please (:

I love this faucet. I might do a bronze one instead of a nickel though. We'll see.

The saying I'm buying for the wall! Isn't it adorable?!

I'm making these great tins for the kitchen counter. One will say Hot Chocolate though.

A scale I actually recieved yeserday. It's made it's home with the apples on top of the cabinet and 50 cent basket from the DI shall be joining it shortly.

I'm having a custom table made for an akward wall in the kichen. On top will be a vase I already have with something coming out of it. Two hanging plate racks will be right above along with my family clock and my induldge saying.

The tile floor we'll put in sometime this spring. It may be more vibrant than this. I want lots and lots of colors.

We're also doing wood floors, so something like this....

or this.....

There you go! Tell me what you think or if you have other ideas (:


  1. Holy cow, you have like, a million ideas.

    I LOVE the tile. The saying you're putting on the wall is SO cute, and I absolutely LOVE the paintings! Where did you get them?

  2. wow!! are you guys taking out a second mortgage for the kitchen? LOL!!

  3. Haha. Brenda...for the floors maybe (; you should know by now that I'm as thrifty as they come when it comes to decorating for the house. All together everything above--minus the floors-- is less than 300. Not bad. I got the pictures on Ebay for a whopping 99 cents inculding the frame and since I bought two I convinced him to give me a cheap shipping rate. Ended up being under fifty for both in frames. I love being cheap! (:

  4. Nats! You have to come do my kitchen when we get a house! I will pay you to come out and do it... (: You are very creative and thrifty and I LOVE it!