Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dennis The Menace Park

Today we went to Dennis the Menace Park with Kennie. I've been wanting to take her there since I found out it existed, but we could never find it. We finally tracked it down last week- and decided to take her this weekend. It's such a big park and their are so many things to do. She really enjoyed it.
And afterward we stopped by Jamba Juice- perfect end to a fun afternoon.

She is getting so good at climbing. this was taken right after she climbed up a ladder to get to the slide.
My crazy curly hair

Ken LOVED this Lion. We had to drag her away from him (;


Mommy pushing her on the swings

Such a pretty girl

When we pushed her really high- she'd do this intense giggle. Cutest thing ever.

Daddy's turn!
I am so proud of this picture!

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