Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Monterey Adventure

Hello Friends-
As most of you probably know we recently just got the opportunity to move to Monterey, CA. We initially thought that only Jesse would be able to go- but very last minute everything fit together perfectly and Mckenzie and I got the chance to go aswell. It was been very hectic- but we absolutely love it here. We live just blocks from the ocean and go to the beach daily. It still doesn't feel real. We miss our family and all our friends and can't wait to visit them soon- but we're especially excited for all the visitors that are coming to us! Here are some pictures of our adventure so far-
This is our new house. We're on the bottom right. (Hence the piles of moving boxes)
This is Mckenzie's Room- she just got her big girl bed, she absolutely adores it.
This is the view leaving our house. Is it not incredible?
Jesse and Kennie at the park by our house.
Everyone loves going down the slide (:
Me and Kenzie at the beach. This was the first time for her at the beach during the day. She hated it and wouldn't let me put her down. She is slowly getting better though.

Hopefully with this new chapter in our lives I will become a much better blogger to keep in touch! I can't wait to post all the exciting things that happen!

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  1. That is so much fun that you are out it Cali! Im so jealous! I think if we did move I would be sad to not have my parents just 5 min away. Im such a homebody, as long as Brad was with me lots I wouldnt mind the adventure. So you should keep posting pics, I bet your new life is fascinating!