Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Vitamins Rock

I have always hated taking vitamins- and my darling J is usually hassling me about how I need to take them. I get weird pains in my wrist maybe every other week for a minute or two and sometimes my leg will give out on me. Really though, this isn't a big deal. I can deal with a couple minutes of pain a week. Vitamins suck! They're huge, for one. They leave that gross taste in your mouth, and did I mention- They're HUGE!!!??? This all change for me yesterday when I discovered the most glorious vitamin known to man-
Aren't they beautiful? It's like candy. I get to eat four of them a day (only four a day- that's the downfall in this whole thing)

When we got home from the store I started popping them in my mouth declaring that vitamins are now going to be the most awesome part of my day. They're so yummy! The husband? He watched me in disbelief, later claiming that I need REAL vitamins, adult vitamins. I disagree- these are adult vitamins. They have directions for people older than four years old all the way up to adults on the back. These are real vitamins, and they are grand. (:


  1. dang it! i need to try those!! ive been trying out all these different chewable vitamins and they are NASTY!

  2. Yea, Brenda is hooked on those things. They are good though. Candy is always good for you :)