Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kennie's Second Year Pictures

A LONG time ago we got Mckenzie's 2nd year pictures done. They turned out adorable. Not like any picture of her wouldn't. My mom was asking me about them the other day so I thought I better post the best ones! There are many more though (: Enjoy!

I'm not sure what look this is- all i know is i don't see it often.

Kenzie posing- such a diva

Obviously this isn't a winner- but either kenzie and j have a scowl or I have this funky look...they're lucky I love them, ya?

Just her and Daddy

The last picture we took of this sequence- in all the others I had a horrified look on my face. I managed to finally pull it together as he tossed our daughter a mile into the air...

Are we done yet???


This one is actually framed in his studio- it's stinkin adorable. I'm so glad we got some of her and Gizzy before we didn't have the chance.

There you go- I bet you all never thought I'd ever get on the blogging bandwagon, eh?
Now I'm just trying to hunt down the actual birthday pictures of this crazy two year old. She had quite the day.

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  1. Absolutly Adorable,,,,,,,,,Great Blog you have,you all look so happy too,Thanx for sharing!!
    Cinni says YEAHHHHHHH