Saturday, April 4, 2009

what's new?

Well it has been too long since we have posted any new news. Where to begin. Natalie and I painted our front room all by ourselves. (Pictures to arrive soon) We took down all of my ghetto arranged photos that were on the walls of our living room. Mckenzie can now say too-tle,(turtle), Honey, grampa, white, yellow, kite, yak (i know weird), kittty, mommy, mom, nat, daddy, jesse, gramma, gizzy, waddy (water) show, panna (panda), juice, tubby (bath time) ga ga gon night (goin to go night night) Nite Nite, shoes, sox, hot, cold, coat, what, what is it, where'd it go, anni (Andy), Joni (Jonas), Happy, fishy, no, yes, peas (please), why?, how, who, ruff (what the doggy says, who is it, lul (love), cokey (coke), bird, ELMO, WallE, lushy (love you), pretty. That is all i can think of for now, but that is pretty good knowing she is only 20 months old. It is near finals, and I am so excited to be done with this semester, yay (sigh) ill have like 10 days off! then (sigh) summer semster starts.

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