Sunday, February 1, 2009


This is Nat sanding the cabinets before they
Start to get painted.

These are the colors we chose:
Athenian Green
Chocolate Sparkle
Antique White
They are all BEHR brand from lowes.

We are remodeling our kitchen if you didn't know already. We started painting yesterday and it already looks a million times better. Natalie is completely in charge of what the kitchen is going to look like, I just pay for everything lol. We should be done with the walls today and by the end of the week our cabinets with be done as well. This has been a great first project thus far. I found out that michaels is now on the map and that it does exist, we have been going there frequently as of last week to look for decorative items. Ebay has been pretty popular on our search bar as well. I cant wait until it is finished!

Before During After

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